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Migrations For readers of Station Eleven and Flight Behavior, a debut novel set on the brink of catastrophe, as a young woman chases the world s last birds and her own final chance for redemption A dark past An impossible journey The will to survive Franny Stone has always been a wanderer By following the ocean s tides and the birds that soar above, she can forget the losses that have haunted her life But when the wild she so loves begins to disappear, Franny can no longer wander without a destination She arrives in remote Greenland with one purpose to find the world s last flock of Arctic terns and follow them on their final migration She convinces Ennis Malone, captain of the Saghani, to take her onboard, winning over his salty, eccentric crew with promises that the birds she is tracking will lead them to fishAs the Saghani fights its way south, Franny s new shipmates begin to realize that the beguiling scientist in their midst is not who she seems Battered by night terrors, accumulating a pile of letters to her husband, and dead set on following the terns at any cost, Franny is full of dark secrets When the story of her past begins to unspool, Ennis and his crew must ask themselves what Franny is really running toward and running fromPropelled by a narrator as fierce and fragile as the terns she is following, Migrations is a shatteringly beautiful ode to the wild places and creatures now threatened But at its heart, it is about the lengths we will go, to the very edges of the world, for the people we love

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    My life has been a migration without a destination, and that in itself is senselessFanny Stone is a lost woman wandering around, searching for answers about those in her past while trying to make sense of her life She has suffered many losses in her life and sets out on a journey to follow Arctic terns to their fina

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    We have never needed a bookthan Migrations , in 2020during the crescendo of the COVID 19 pandemic We re taken on a fascinating, ethical emotional journey sometimes funny sometimes brave mostly heartbreaking There is pleasure in the pathless woods There is rapture on the lonely shore There is society where none intrud

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    Bring out your napkins You may possibly haven t read something so heart wrenching, extremely emotional, powerful, dark, nostalgic, depressive, tear jerking, sad for a long time and its powerful reality hits like a slap against your cheeks After your reading, you gotta need a strong drink, lay down to gather yourself t

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    Migrations follows Franny Stone s journey following the last of the Arctic terns The time is in the not too distant future and almost every bird, fish, and wild animal is extinct Almost all domestic and farmed raised fish, birds, and other animals are raised for food Global warming has wiped out the food and habitat fo

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    Every animal in the world is accelerating towards extinction.Fanny, from Galway, Ireland has had a very sad and lonely past She is on a mission to track what is predicted to be the last migration of terns that is left She finds a fishing ship and weasels her way onto it and becomes part of the crew and she convinced the

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    DNF after 30 pages and talking with a friend Too depressing for this time in my life and too much sadness about animals

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    The animals are extinct The oceans have almost been fished empty The birds have all but disappeared except for the Arctic Terns soon to take their final migration A woman with fierce determination embarks upon a journey to follow the birds as they make their dangerous flight The characters unfold gradually as does the cha

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    WOW Just wow This is a melancholy, haunting, gut punch of a book that shattered my heart into little pieces because of its many truths.Franny Stone is a self destructive narrator who harbors dark secrets that are stingily revealed during the course of this book Her life is a migration without a destination but eventually i

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    It s being compared to STATION ELEVEN and the summary makes me suspect that I ll cry while reading this Am I going to read it anyway Yes, because I am a masochist.

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    I don t want to read happy books during the pandemic I don t want to be uplifted or inspired I want to read about how we ve destroyed everything I want to read about the earth turning barren and our pain stretching to the far reaches of the Arctic sea I want darkness I want inevitability We did this We keep doing it We bicke

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